HR – BC – On the road – Guildford

This week’s Breakfast Club took us south to Guildford, to sample some of the North Downs. It was a bright sunny, slight humid morning as we congregated in the Shalford Park Car Park just before 7:30.

I was the first one there, closely followed by Karen, Mary, Ed, Rich, Norman, and Simon and a new runner Gemma (new to HR anyway).

There were so many arriving with their Lime Green shirts on, it was like a casting call for an electric Robin of Sherwood. Once we had assembled and clarified that the car park was indeed free on Saturdays, we set off. Here is the intended route. . .

 BC – On the road Guildford

Setting off south into the park and then a quick right to take us to the River Wey, we crossed over a wooden bridge and then blew a few cobwebs out by running up what felt like a 1 in 2 hill to meet the road, whilst watching an Ocado van driver regret the decision to turn down the hill.

Down to the Ye Old Ship Inn, we then crossed the road, and set off on Sandy Lane. I was reasonably confident about the route, except for the latter stages, so we ran on a slight gradient up Sandy Lane, and then onto the North Downs Way. We scampered along to reach Sandy Way and around farmers fields, all the while drinking in the landscape.

After about 1.5 miles we headed north up a bugger of a hill, on a chalk path lined with nettles, and reached the top in a sweaty mass (well I was anyway – did I mention the humidity?).

We then ran on a flat wide track to Farnham Road, a few yards on that and then down a footpath through a wood. This path turned left eventually and we started east along a set of paths which took us within sight of Loseley House, and a gaggle of geese on their lawns.

We ran on through a tiny place called Littleton, and then joined a path that led us to the Mount Brown Police training base. Over the A3100 and then under a railway line and then things started going a bit awry.

The pathway network that I had checked on runkeeper did not seem to exist in real-life, so after a bit of confusion, we retraced our steps and ran on the towpath north on the River Wey back to the wooden footbridge we had first encountered. A quick photo stop.IMG_2458

And then we cantered over the fields back to the car park. 6.92 miles in 1 hour 16 mins, and much fun had by all.

Things we learnt this week

1 – Car parks can be free sometimes

2 – Wearing any old lime green running top does not make you an Endurist

3 – Be careful with HP sauce bottles in the bathroom

4 – It’s much easier to round up the distance run than the altitude gained

 5 – What other social media apart from tweeting do birds use?

See you all soon,











HR – Breakfast Club – Canal & Common

A clear blue sky accompanied me as I jogged to the Waters’ Edge Breakfast Club meeting place on Saturday morning. On arrival, I found, Jane, Karen, Sandie and Will  waiting in the car park, and then Ed and Katherine arrived a minute later.

A quick discussion about a relatively straight forward route followed, and then we jogged out at 07:35 under a warming sun.

Over Chobham Road, across the (un)muddy footpaths, across Littlewick Road, and then onwards along the secret footpath in single file until we got to the far side of Kettlewell Hill. A few yards further on and we turned left onto the canal. The good weather seemed to have turned out a good few good natured cyclists and runners on the canal, as we proceeded along.

On reaching Sheerwater bridge, a quick re-cap to ensure everyone was ok, and then we took to the roads, heading north to reach Woodham Lane. Main topics of conversation of course was regarding the London Marathon and the incredible experiences that the Horsell Runners had there, in both volunteering at the finish and in taking part in the race.

We continued on Woodham Lane until we reached Martyrs Lane, and carefully ran along in single file until reaching Maclaren roundabout. An easy cross over the A320 and into woods on a clear footpath, to take us along the north side of Horsell Common, before picking up the tracks back to the Water’s Edge.

All in all, 6.5 miles in 58:55 mins, which comes to 8:58 per mile. Brilliant weather, company and conversation were had.

I can’t make it next weekend, but I’ll issue a route for those taking part.









HR – BC – Horsell Circle – 7 miles

Cold, grey and damp greeted me as I jogged into the Waters Edge Cafe Car Park (  on Saturday morning. But that was just the weather. . Jane was already there with Sharon, and then Mel, Ed and Katherine, Simon and Will joined us to make an even 8.

A quick discussion ensued as to what articles of clothing were to be discarded (or not), due to the temperature, and after admiring Sharon’s new running shoes and Jane having her 30 second warning, we set off at 07:35 at a moderate canter out and left onto Chobham Road. Single file along the narrow, broken “pavement” and then onto a slightly muddy verge which saw us join Shores Road and then run along that to the meet the 6 Crossroads roundabout.

Then we took the Monument Road towards the Lions Retail Park, and right onto Oriental Road. We followed this to the crescent (Heathside Crescent) and then downhill down Guildford Road to the roundabout. A right here saw us start the climb up Wych Hill where conversation slowed as the breathing became more laboured.

Once we had crested the hill (and re-grouped) we took a right down Triggs Lane, and then we beared left at the next roundabout up St Johns Road. Slightly uncertain of which side of the road that the pavement was best on, we did some military running (left, right, left, right), before staying on the right pavement and finding Langmans Lane on the right to go over the canal and follow the footpath all the way through to Waitrose, Goldsworth Park lake (we went to the left) and then to the sports fields. This is where the navigation started to go slightly awry, and we did a bit more than planned to go around the football pitches and then the hockey pitches. As we were leaving the hockey pitches another running group started coming towards us, a bit like a scene out of West Side Story. . . but we managed to avoid a dance off, before following the path through Horsell Birch, past The Cricketers, and then another detour to take in the remainder of Horsell Birch (a bit muddy), Viggory Lane, Horsell Common Road and then back to the Waters Edge for coffee and cake (below).


All in all, 7.5 miles (a bit over the advertised 7 miles) in 1 hour 7 mins to make it 8 mins 52 secs per mile.

Things we learned this week

1 – A “hustler” is a role in the London Marathon

2 – Many things about the Comrades race in South Africa – and endurance running in general –

3 – The many uses of a beetroot

4 – What a snot-rocket means (I never knew)

Just a last few words to say well done to all those doing marathons this weekend. I saw Jason, Karen, Georgie and Norman in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday morning and well done to all of you!

And of course good luck for all of you doing the London Marathon next weekend and for those volunteering there as well.

I’m not around next weekend, but on Thursday I’ll issue a run to follow if there is anyone who fancies a Breakfast Club run next Saturday morning.



HR Breakfast Club – Another Wey (10.24 miles)

So, it was raining a bit when I left home to jog to the start of the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club run. The clouds were building up and it was a tad chilly.

I got to the Waters Edge cafe car park Heather Farm Wetland Centre and a minute after I arrived Jane drove into view. A minute later and Simon arrived. Not sure if the inclement weather, end of Easter Holidays, or injuries saw a few people missing, but we three soon realised that we were the group today.

A quick review of the route, which was basically a trot through Woking to then meander around the River Wey navigation, and then we were off prompt at 07:35.

We set off across a slightly muddy Common to cross Littlewick Road and South Road, then the secret footpath (passing a doggist) to then settle into a gentle jog along Chobham Road and into town.

Conversations arose, mainly around running, the Surrey Half Marathon and the London Marathon, where we have a few members running, as well as others volunteering to assist at the end.

Under the railway station, down White Rose Lane and into Woking Park. We then exited Woking Park, and crossed over the road to follow the Hoe Stream along the concrete path.

After a few hundred yards, we branched off the Hoe Stream, towards Westfield Common, and along footpaths, which were very muddy in places, to lead us to trails across damp fields to the River Wey and past some interesting gardens. IMG_2252

We reached the lock at the halfway point, crossed over and returned up the Wey Navigation, following the river,


to then turn left across a dubious field to eventually reach civilisation at Broadmeads in Old Woking.

It was then a case of jogging along the road, past the London House, into the car parking area with strange solar/wind power posts, to reach Rydens Way, past the allotments, past Simon’s old school, past the school cricket pitch and then back onto White Rose Lane and the return via the town, railway station and the footpaths back to the Waters Edge cafe.

All in all, 10.2 miles in 1 hr 34 mins which Strava tells me is 9:09 mins per mile.

No pics of the delicious cakes at the Water’s Edge cafe as we didn’t stop for coffee this time, but this is how our legs fared.  IMG_2254



Hope to see you there next Saturday for another Breakfast Club run. Good luck to those doing the Brighton marathon next weekend.





Saturday 2nd April 2016

So, this is something new to try to drag the “blog” into the 21st century. After years of the “blog” being actually just an email, I have succumbed to modern convention, so this is my first attempt at getting an actual Blog onto the Interweb. Here goes. . . . all comments gratefully received.

Saturday 2nd April

A bank of clouds were just drifting away as I jogged to the Heather Farm Wetland Centre Heather Farm Wetland Centre and Cafe Car Park for our regular Saturday morning run. On arrival I was impressed to see a runner already there getting ready. Without my glasses I took time to recognise who it was and then was amazed to see that it was Sandy! Sandy is back with us after a long-term injury so we had loads to catch up on. A minute later Will drove into the car park and then another minute went past before we were joined by Mel, also back from injury.

A quick review of the (simplish) route (A Shade over 10k around Woking), and we were off at 07:35, onto the Common to follow a muddy path snaking through the undergrowth. Across Littlewick Road, and then another track to meet South Road. The sun was out and the sky was blue, as we continued down Lemons Lane and then the “secret” footpath whilst chatting about a variety of topics and catching up on news.

Out onto Kettlewell Hill, and then onto the Canal east. The air was warming up as the four of us bounded along. On reaching Boundary Road we found the path blocked by the canal renovation works, so we headed down Boundary Road, and onto Monument Road, past the Lions Retail Park and then up Maybury Hill. Once we had covered Maybury Hill, a few yards later we turned right into Hockering Road, onto Heathside, past Blockbusters (one of us wasn’t aware of Blockbusters ever being there . . . . . ) and then onto Goldsworth Road, Bridge Barn, Bullbeggars, South Road and Horsell Common Road to complete a short jog across the Common back to the Car Park. No doggists or runnists were spotted.

Wonderful weather and company saw us complete 6.33 miles in 56 mins 31 secs for an average of 8 mins 56 secs a mile (pretty close to the predicted 9 min miles).

I couldn’t stay for coffee and cake (hence no photos to share). But I’ll be there next week and hope to see you there.




P.S. Well done to those runners running at events this weekend – those I know of, Norman, Rich Dow and Adam. Congratulations!